Our topolindra Instaguide is here!

Can somebody please pinch me!? This is for sure the most exciting day for our little baby @topolindra so far and I can’t tell you how excited I am at this moment! I want to take this opportunity and thank you all for your love and support! Only a year ago I would have never thought that we would receive so much positive feedback about @topolindra, and I would have never dared to dream about writing an e-book for you!

I get so many questions on a daily basis about how we grow our Instagram audience, how we edit our pictures, how do we balance all the traveling, so I thought it’s time to answer all of your questions in detail.

We launched our Instagram travel account @topolindra in summer 2017 and we’re beyond happy and proud that we are having a global following of more than 70k people at the moment. We’re gaining approximately 10k-15k new followers per month and are delighted to have a high level of engagement.

And this is the main goal of this topolindra Instaguide: to answer all of your frequently asked questions and to share our knowledge about the above mentioned topics.

After reading our topolindra Instaguide you will know as much about Instagram, photo editing and traveling as we do 🙂 So with all this knowledge we’ve grown @topolindra into a +70k Instagram account in a year and a bit.

So, here are the main facts about the topolindra Instaguide:

  • Our guide has an e-book format which you can easily download from our shop.
  • It has 93 pages and is written in English (there is no German edition available).
  • It contains all our knowledge about Instagram, photo editing and traveling – believe me, if you will read the guide you will exactly know as much about these topics as we do.


  • It does not contain any Lightroom presets. BUT: I’m sharing our favorite filters and editing adjustments in some editing apps and Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. You can use them 1:1 to create your own topolindra look on your pictures.
  • It does not contain any ‘shortcuts’ or tricks how to grow your Instagram. BUT: I’m sharing all of our methods and hacks how to grow your Instagram account organically.

The guide is divided into 5 different chapters, in which I will answer the following questions:


What does topolindra mean?

How did everything start?


Is it too late to start a blog or Instagram account?

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

How to grow your Instagram account?

The perfect Instagram post: what, when, how often?


How do you edit your pictures?

How do you take your pictures?

What’s an instagrammable picture?

How to create a consistent look on Instagram?

Which editing apps do you use?


How do you afford all of your traveling?

How many days to you travel per year?

How do you choose your destinations?

How to build a brand?

Instagram vs. Real life

My main goal was to create a single source with all our know how about your most frequently asked questions instead of publishing various documents. When we started our own journey I was desperately searching for a resource like that and spent a lot of hours searching the web for bits and pieces about Instagram and photo editing. If I found some articles, blog posts etc. about these topics I was never sure if the facts are trustworthy or if I should and could use this information 1:1 for our own Instagram account. This e-book exists to save you time and effort and should be a go to and portable source which you can use whenever you want it.

I’m not calling myself an expert in all these things, so the following guide will not reveal the holy grail and is not a guarantee that you will have an overnight Instagram success if you follow all of my advices. Instead I will share with you our own Instagram story and explain you how we apply certain methods and why we do certain things.

You might have some questions about the topolindra Instaguide, so I tried so answer some of them upfront:

Is there a preview available?

Here is a little preview for you, so you can get a first impression what the guide looks like:

Why isn’t the guide for free?

The guide is a 93 pages e-book and contains lot of details about Instagram, photo editing, branding etc. All this information would have been too lengthy for blog posts, so I decided to write a complete guide instead. I wanted to create a single source document for you, so you can safe time and effort while researching various topics. I’ve spent quite a lot of time and effort to create this guide, so that’s why it’s not for free, but reasonably priced.

Did you share some of the content already?

Yes, I did. As I receive so many questions about these topics on a daily basis I always try to answer most of them. But of course I could never share all our knowledge via answering your DMs or comments, so I’m happy that I can share it with you now by publishing our e-book. Furthermore one section of the guide is about creating a consistent look on Instagram. You can already find this information in one of our blog posts.

Is there a hard copy available?

No, the guide only comes as an e-book format.

Does the guide contain any sponsored content?

No. All recommendations and brand credits are non sponsored and are my personal recommendations.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the topolindra Instaguide and that I can inspire you to explore all the beautiful destinations, create amazing content and share it with the world!

Buy the topolindra Instaguide now.


© 2018 topolindra.
All rights reserved.

This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of the author.



  1. Julia
    6. September 2018 / 16:45

    As a fan of Topolindra on Instagram, I was excited to see that Verena took the time to write this guide. I downloaded it and started reading right away – and I‘m happy I did. It‘s a very user friendly guide, easy to read with very helpful tips and tricks that anyone can start applying right away and some I can always reference back to. Whether you blog about traveling or lifestyle or anything else, this guide can apply to you, as it‘s really about creating a successful instagram account. What I love the most is that Verena is honest and genuine in her advice. She is not a professional traveler – she is a working woman just like the rest of us and has found a way to build her brand and share her travel adventures with the world, so this guide is more relatable and inspirational for beginners like me. Thanks Topolindra.

    • Verena @topolindra
      6. September 2018 / 20:34

      Thank you so so much for your feedback! I appreciate it A LOT!! Thank your for following along our adventures, reading the guide and taking the time to write this comment! Have a lovely day, Verena

  2. Ira Camargo
    1. October 2018 / 2:58

    My new treasure is Topolindra’s Instaguide. First of all -THANK YOU- Verena! for creating beautiful content, amazing photos and for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. You truly inspired me and you have become my favorite blogger ever since I discovered you. I spent a happy weekend reading this guide and absolutely loved it :). It’s super fun to read and easy to understand. You’ll find Verena’s advices very helpful and enjoyable to implement right away on your own Instagram account. This guide provided me all the answers I was searching for. And definitely I believe it would help me to create a better work once I get to incorporate all Verena’s suggestions. So, for that reason I highly recommend Topolindra’s Instaguide to anyone who has been struggling with their own platform like me and are searching for enlightenment. Gracias Topolindra. Xoxo, Ira.

    • Verena @topolindra
      3. October 2018 / 9:24

      THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your amazing feedback! I’m beyond happy about your kind words and appreciate your feedback a lot – this means the world to me! Thank you for following along our adventures! Have a lovely day, Verena

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