The Maldives – the Paradise on Earth

My trip to the Maldives in October 2017 has been a really special one because of so many reasons: it was my first time to the Maldives, it was the first time that I was traveling without Konrad and it was my first press trip with ADAM The Magazine. And to spill the beans upfront: It was amazing – can’t wait to explore the Maldives again and show this little piece of paradise to Konrad!

Note: back in October 2017 we didn’t have a professional camera yet, so all pictures were taken with an iPhone only. And, as I was traveling without Konrad, I took all pictures by myself with a tripod or had some help from the lovely ladies who have been on this trip with me.

The picture perfect beach at the Niyama Private Islands Resort

Paradise on Earth

Many rate the Maldives as their dream Destination in the Indian ocean. But how can you choose the perfect island for an unforgettable holiday among all the luxury resorts? Together with ADAM The Magazine I went in search of it for you and found it – the paradise on earth.

Welcome by the amazing Anantara Dhigu crew

Turquoise shimmering water, reclusive white sandy beaches, lines of palm trees and summer temperatures – these are the images floating through my head on the long-distance flight to the Maldives.

After roughly nine hours, I arrive and the first islands in the Maldives pass by my plane window like emerald-green gems surrounded by white diamonds. These Maldivian pearls constitute in total 26 atolls and over 1000 coral islands, which lie embedded between countless blue and turquoise shades in the Indian Ocean in front of the southern tip of India. Roughly 200 islands in the atolls are inhabited and over 90 are available as a dream destination for holidaymakers from all over the world.

Useful topolindra travel facts: 

  • Immigration: EU citizens don’t need a visa – the immigration is uncomplicated. Depending on the number of incoming flights you might have to queue a little bit.
  • Arrival: after picking up your luggage you will enter the arrival hall of the airport. There you will find little welcome offices of all major resorts. Just go there and let your holiday begin.
  • Transfer: depending on the location of your resort you will have a transfer either by speedboat or by airplane. Both ways of transportation are an amazing experience and you will enjoy it for sure!

Transfer by speedboat…

…or by seaplane

Dress code for the pilots: barefoot

Many consider a holiday on the Maldives to be synonymous with high-class luxury coupled with that Robinson Crusoe island feeling. This is exactly the feeling I have when I arrive at the luxurious 5 star Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa, situated in the South Male atoll and accessible in 35 minutes from the main island Male via speedboat or the resort’s own yacht. Fortified by a fresh coconut decorated with a pretty hibiscus flower – picked fresh daily by Omar, the beach guru, from the 20 to 25 meter high palm trees on the island – I begin my discovery tour of this unique destination.

Please meet Omar, the Beach Guru at the Anantara Dhigu Resort

A particular feature of the Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa is that it is connected to two other small islands. The Anantara Veli and the Picknick Island are only a short water taxi journey away and are characterised by their remoteness and even more tranquility and privacy.

Endless white beaches made of powder sand. You only have to share them with the cute little fellows below 😉

The cutest little crab (you can find them all over the beach)

Island hopping is made easy for guests and it guarantees a stay filled with diversity.
 I immediately feel at home on my chosen island and my impulse to explore leads me past perfectly aligned palm trees, white sandy beaches straight out of a story book and finally I spy the symbol of the Maldivian dream: a hammock in the middle of the ocean, stretched between two aesthetic tree trunks that protrude from the sea like strong arms. While the waves of the warm Indian Ocean gently sway me back and forth and small single clouds pass by, the same thought occurs to me again and again and I am certain that I have arrived in paradise on earth.

Over Water or beach, that is the question

A crucial question: are you a Beach Villa or Water Villa type? Difficult to answer and good news up-front: you can’t do any wrong. Both types of accommodation are amazing and will be an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for the ultimate and unique Maldivian get-away with private infinity pools and endless sea view – a Water Villa should be your choice (one small remark: be aware that the sea can be rough and a bit loud, so you might hear the waves all night – but that can be charming as well, right?).

If you can’t imagine anything more beautiful than walking straight from your private veranda onto the soft white beach and jump into the sea – you will be over excited when choosing a Beach Villa. I have to admit that I am more the Beach Villa type as well, as I fell in love with the lush vegetation of the islands and enjoyed it a lot to be surrounded by coconut trees and exotic flowers.

My search for the holiday Eldorado led me by seaplane to another Maldivian island, the Niyama Private Islands Resort. In my most beautiful fantasies, I could not have imagined such a beautiful dream island with private butler service. Both twin islands „Play“ and „Chill“ lie like breathtaking beauties in the water and offer 5 stars amenities of every kind. The best way to explore these is with one of the resort’s bicycles while enjoying the warm sea breeze along the way.

The way to the Over Water Villas at Niyama Private Islands Resort


The oasis in the middle of paradise for quiet moments at the beach or Over Water studios or in the beautiful Niyama Spa. The location for absolute relaxation in a unique seascape.

Found the perfect hammock at ‘Chill’ island

Niyama Spa – the perfect oasis


The adventurous sister island. The Caribbean beach bar „Surf Shack“ with a breathtaking view of the sunset, the diving station „Float“ with a wide range of water sport activities and a programme for coral sponsorship or elegant Infinity pools still the luxury holidaymakers’ desire for adventure.

Cocktail time at the ‘Surf Shack’

The sister islands ‘Chill’ and ‘Play’ are connected by this little bridge (the perfect viewpoint for epic sunsets)

Coral adoption – planted this beautiful coral back in the Indian Ocean

One of my biggest dreams come true: swimming with a sea turtle in the Indian Ocean

My discovery tour continues to focus on the impressive culinary selection at Niyama Private Islands Resorts. I can scarcely believe my eyes at the range of first-class and unique gourmet restaurants. The „Nest“ restaurant lies in the centre of the tropical treetops and offers Asian avantgarde cuisine and Teppanyaki in a class of its own. In „Tribal“, the only African restaurant on the Maldives, you can experience African ambiance similar to exclusive lodges in South Africa or Botswana. For an exceptional cuisine experience submerge yourself and be at one with the marine life in the „Subsix“ underwater restaurant. Globetrotters can sample other special delicacies at six other restaurants with diverse dining concepts from all over the world.

On my way to ‘Subsix’, an underwater restaurant. Can you spot the seaplane at the right?

‘The Nest’ restaurant – in the middle of tropical treetops

How to spend the days on the island?

Besides enjoying the luxury of doing nothing, reading a good book, relax or simply enjoy the beauty of the island, here are my personal must-dos and must-sees while staying at one of the islands:

  • Exploring the islands: either by foot or by bike (most of the resorts are offering bicycles for free) – it’s so much fun to wander and cruise around and explore all the hidden treasures! Robinson Crusoe feeling guaranteed!
  • Be active: most of the bigger islands offer a variety of water sports (stand-up paddling, kayaking, wind- or kite-surfing). Take advantage of this offer – some of them give you a stunning perspective of the islands!
  • Go and explore the beautiful sea life either by snorkeling or diving: if you are lucky you can see a diverse underwater world full of fishes, corals, turtles, sharks, mantas, dolphins and many more.
  • Sunset cruise: seeing on of the stunning sunsets from a beautiful boat or yacht is an unforgettable experience.
  • Enjoy a private dinner at the beach with your loved ones – this might be one of the most romantic settings you can ever imagine.
  • Pamper yourself with some spa treatments: no explanation needed, right?
  • Drinking fresh coconuts: super tasty and help you to keep hydrated throughout the day. How could you resist a fresh coconut directly from a coconut tree?

The best way to explore the island…

…is with your own bike

An unforgettable experience: a sunset cruise with the resort’s own yacht

Keep hydrated with fresh coconuts 🌺

Essential topolindra travel recommendations:

  • Bring a lot of sunscreen: the Maldivian sun is really strong, even on cloudy days. And the prices for sunscreen in the resorts are definitely more expansive than back home.
  • Barefoot deluxe: the dress code on the Maldives is barefoot! So ladies, don’t be afraid to leave your high-heels at home, you will not miss them on the Maldives.
  • Fall asleep to the sound of the sea:
 the Over Water villas are built directly over the sea and can naturally be somewhat loud when there are high winds and strong waves. Bear this in mind when choosing your room category.
  • The perfect time to travel: 
the air and water temperature are consistently summer-like throughout the entire year and make the Maldivian islands a year-round holiday destination in a class of its own.
  • Sunrise lover: the Maldives are famous for their indescribably beautiful sunsets. But, try to watch at least one of the magical sunrises. You can catch up on your missing hours of sleep with a relaxing nap at the beach or the infinity pool.
  • Star gazing: Be dazzled by the stars. You can even make out the Milky Way with the naked eye.

Dress code: barefoot

The water is warm all-year-round at the Anantara Veli beach

One of the magical sunrises at the Niyama Private Islands Resort

At the start I told you of my thoughts when flying to this unique group of islands – turquoise shimmering water, reclusive white sandy beaches, lines of palm trees and summer temperatures. I discovered all of these things and so much more. The luxurious resorts do not only captivate with dreamy beaches and a breathtaking backdrop, but surpass all holiday expectations with exceptional activities, cuisine and service. Unfortunately, I have to confess that even with the best of intentions of describing this wonderful place in words and images, I cannot do justice to the beauty and unique character of this dream island. It has to be seen and experienced first-hand, this little paradise on earth.

Thank you Anantara Dhigu and Niyama Private Islands for this unforgettable stay!

Thank you ADAM The Magazine for this amazing collaboration!


(All pictures are taken with an iPhone)


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