About us

Hi, I’m Verena, a travel addict, adventurer and dreamer, based in Vienna Austria. I’m a Marketing & Sales professional and together with my husband Konrad I’m traveling the world in my free time. After 10 years of exploring destinations around the world we decided to share our travel experiences with you. As a result, in summer 2017 our Instagram travel account @topolindra was born. And now only a few months later we are more than happy to launch our topolindra travel blog!

Friends would call me an expert on travel planning and creating the perfect itineraries with all must-sees of a specific destination. Therefor I hope that our blog posts and topolindra itineraries will inspire you for your upcoming travels and will help you to create unforgettable trips to unique destinations around the world full of unforgettable experiences!



Topolindra – a brand full of wanderlust and love

Konrad and I share a common passion for traveling and exploring the world. As our travels went global, so did our love. Konrad nicknames me “mouse” and wherever we travel he’s calling me “mouse” in the local language. We liked the Italian translation “topolina” the most and combined with our common surname the brand topolindra was born.





As we get a lot of questions from you about traveling, photo editing etc. we want to give you an overview of the most frequently asked questions and our answers:

Where do you live?

Konrad and I are living in Vienna. We’re both Austrians and we love Vienna a lot (it’s the most beautiful city in the world, but we might be biased 🙂 )

How do you edit your pictures?

We use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to edit all of our pictures. We use our own topolindra presets.

Which camera do you use?

We use the following cameras: Canon EOS 6D Mark ii, GoPro, DJI Spark drone (and an iPhone X for Instagram stories and some fun shots).

Who’s taking your pictures?

Konrad is the mastermind behind the camera. You can count me responsible for writing, editing, travel planning and all the outfits. For couples pictures we use a tripod (or the help of friendly strangers).

How do you finance your travels?

Work, save, travel. Work, save, travel. Work, save, travel.

Unless it is specifically mentioned in a blog post or Instagram post we do pay for all of our travels ourselves.

What’s your favorite country, favorite food etc.

We fell in love with Santorini many years ago and it is still our favorite destination of all. It is actually one of the few destinations where we’ve been more than once. Furthermore South Africa will always be a special destination for us, as we got engaged there. Konrad and I don’t eat any meat, so we love all kind of veggies. I have a serious weakness for fries (you can ask all of my friends, they wouldn’t dare to touch my fries because I would never share them 🙂 )

Which countries have you visited so far?

Konrad and I are together for over 10 years now and we’ve been to the following countries or cities (there might be a chance that we missed some):

Egypt, New York (several times), California, Florida, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Baltics, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Tuscany, Venice, Sardegna, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Lisbon, Barcelona, Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Mallorca, Zurich, Sylt, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China (Beijing, Shanghai), Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto), Maldives, Mauritius, South Africa, Tansania, Sanzibar, Jordan, Morocco, Cornwall, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Australia and various cities and Germany and Austria.

Which destinations are on your bucket list?

A lot 🙂 Here are our top 5 destinations: Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Hawaii