Our flight travel essentials with Qatar Airways

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. These are the essentials of any bride but is it that easy to pack all your travel essentials for a short or long distance flight as well? Together with Qatar Airways we’ve created a list of our top travel essentials which should be in every hand luggage packing list and should help you to enjoy the best flight experience.

All our flight travel essentials

Stay fresh

Staying hydrated during your flight is for sure one of the most important things when flying. Qatar Airways is offering an excellent on-board service with a variety of drinks and when flying Business Class you have your private water bottle at your disposal as well. We can guarantee you that you will never leave a Qatar Airways plane thirsty!

Nevertheless we always bring an extra bottle of water with us so that we won’t get thirsty in any case. The most sustainable way of doing this is to bring a refillable water bottle which you fill before boarding your plane (please note that the water in plane washrooms is no drinking water and you should never refill your water bottles with this water). And the best: you can use your own bottles during the length of your holiday as well 🙂

Stay warm

As it can be chilly on planes we always bring some fluffy scarfs or sweaters with us to stay warm and cozy while flying. In case you are feeling really cold, Qatar Airways is offering free blankets in Economy and Business Class to keep you warm as well.

Stay entertained

As Konrad always falls asleep very quickly on board of a plane, I always need to entertain myself 🙂 Therefore I always bring something to read (magazines, my e-reader or a book), my phone (of course 🙂 ) and my noise-cancelling earphones with me on every flight. Qatar Airways is offering an excellent entertainment program on all flights from and to Qatar and if you are traveling in Business Class you can choose among a variety of international newspapers to read, many many movies to watch and you will get some noise cancelling earphones to use during the length of your flight. So you will never get bored on a Qatar Airways plane and will stay entertained all the time  – even when your travel buddy falls asleep 5 minutes after take-off 🙂

Keep shining

As the air in any plane can get dry and stuffy your skin may need this extra boost of hydration during your time up in the air. I always bring some travel sized hydrating lotions and lip balm to keep my skin and lips hydrated. In addition I like to bring some disinfection gel (very useful during your travels as well), some painkillers on case I get a headache while flying and a pair of spare contact lenses (in case my eyes get itchy or dry). With these cosmetic and medical essentials I’m perfectly prepared for any flight 🙂

Keep moving

It’s not an essential which you should pack into your hand luggage but rather a recommendation to stay fit during any flight. Try to keep moving and especially during long distance flights we would highly recommend you to stand up and walk around a little bit to refresh your body. You can also do some stretching exercises to activate your blood circulation. You will feel fresher and more awake and by taking small breaks the flight time passes by more quickly as well 🙂

If you are interested in our experiences and our blog post about our flight with Qatar Airways in Business Class, you can find some more information here.

Please note that this blog post is written in collaboration with Qatar Airways.

All recommendations and thoughts are my own, all additional brand placements are non sponsored.


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